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Why do they call them Dollar stores, if everything isn’t a Dollar? All kidding aside, its a low cost store.

A closeout store is a retailer specializing in buying closeout items purchased on the cheap from other retailers and selling them at a discount. Big Lots is probably the most well-known closeout chain in the US, but other stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross Dress For Less, Marshall’s, and Value City are also common nationally, specializing more in clothing and housewares.

In the Northeast you have Building 19 Outlets and Ocean State Job Lot. Building 19 Outlets  feature housewares, clothing and even ORIENTAL RUGS into the thousands. Ocean State Job Lot runs the gamut, seasonal for Christmas and gardening, clothing, $2 eyeglass events, furniture, pet supplies. The craziest stuff is the food: products including spices under $1, Gluten free products, capers, dried mushrooms, and condiments galore. The best value is foil pans, as low as 20 cents. It’s this cheapsters go to joint for disposable pans and plastic storage bags. Ocean State Job Lot also has internet coupons for extra savings. Closeouts imply once they’re gone, the items are GONE.

Dollar General Stores are located nationally except for the Northeast, and some Western States.  For those missing out, they have a website,  which I found a little dizzying,  but the online bargains are CHEAP! Just what this cheapster loves.

Christmas Tree Shop is another Fave. Sign up for email and get a $10 coupon. My recent trip allowed me to get 20% off with a coupon.  The electric snow shovel for $139, was really a bargain. Cheapster #2 has bought wall mirrors, curtains, dishes, furniture, and garden supplies. This weeks trip to Christmas Tree Shop  included Keurig coffee K-cups, gluten free pasta, and Tulip/Daffodil bulbs for 75% off as a closeout. That was a WOW! Christmas Tree Shop’s primary destination feature is for decorating, and seasonal ‘tchatchkes’  pronounced ‘chah-ch kees’ otherwise known as nicknacks. They have up to 75% savings after every holiday. This cheapster has enough wrapping paper for years. Item selection ebbs and flows.

Clothing stores such as Sym’s , TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Marshall’s feature designer clothes for less. DSW is my favorite shoe store, Cheapster #2 wears         9 1/2W and  can always find something fashionable. Online Retailer for designer fashions,  Zappos is new to me, but famous to others for shoes. Zappos merged with in 2009,  make sure you Shop Amazon’s Holiday Countdown to Black Friday.

Lesser known is an upscale clothier Filene’s Basement, the home of Running of the Brides®, where  wedding dress shopping is a contact sport.  When I was young, the event featured wedding gowns under $100, today’s pricing  claims dresses ‘Originally retailing from $900 to $9,000, Filene’s Basement puts thousands of dresses on sale at crazy prices, from $249 to $699.’ SEE the video!  David’s Bridal periodically advertises events at their stores for under $100,but always on their website in the closeouts,  Bridal Gowns Under $100.

Food, ALDI is the European style, stripped down, grocery experience. To get a cart you need a quarter. The carts are racked close to the door and there are so few of them. Bring your own bags or you will be wheeling the cart to your vehicle and emptying it into the backseat loose, well that’s an exaggeration, you can buy bags. You will have to bag your items from the cart yourself too. Cash and debit only. ALDI has their own funky brand names. ALDI stores are in 31 states, from Kansas to the East Coast. ALDI stores are small, usually stand alone, you wont find an ALDI in a strip mall location. Products are case cut like a warehouse store without the bulk requirements. There is a little of everything, lots of chocolate, snacks, condiments, basic meats, dairy, frozen foods and packaged bakery. Hardly a brand name in site. Cheapster #2 buys cream, fresh fruit, and the best frozen green beans every trip. See for the weekly ad.                                This was a statement in the NY times. ’95 percent of its goods bear an obscure private label. For example, rather than Skippy, Jiffy, natural, and jam-swirled peanut butter, Aldi sells one kind, which it commissions itself. (It’s similar to the higher-end Trader Joe’s, which is owned by an Albrecht family trust.)’ The same family origins for both stores.

Trader Joe’s, I wish there were more of them. Gourmet on the cheap. Rack of lamb, Mahi Mahi.  Trader Joe’s is similar to Aldi on the branding issue, private label. The quality is superior. This store is perfect for those who want cheap organic natural foods with out the Whole Foods price.  The stores that sell alcohol have the Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wines, better known as “Two Buck Chuck”. Sign up for their Fearless Flyer, for email alerts.

For more on Aldi, Read the NY Times Story

Do you have a favorite cheap store? Please comment back!!!! Name, location and zip code. Tell us what the best bargain was.





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  1. Annabelle

    You forgot to mention “Tuesday Morning,” where I have found some high-end bath and bed linens, wrapping paper & ribbons, small appliances, etc. And how about World Market! They have great coffee and gourmet foods, home decor, china, and you never know what else …


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