Family Fun

Fun Family Day adventures almost FREE with the exception of the gas for your car.



Lady V will bring you back to her childhood memories.  I so enjoyed taking a ride with my sisters and mother along seacoast or country side.


When riding along the seacoast we would find a nice beach and hunt for starfish or even clams.  Finding clams was fun as you would see the little holes in the sand that sometimes squirted water and you would dig real fast to find the clam.  We also liked the pretty rounded stones or sea-glass and little crabs.  I remember collecting the crabs and putting them in my sand pail.  The walks on the beach and running from the waves were great fun too.


Lady V also liked when we stopped along the large fields where there may be horses or cows and having a picnic.  My mother and sisters would sometimes lay back and if on a cloudy day we would find pictures in the clouds.  Oh this one looks like a dog that one looks like Mickey Mouse.  That was so much fun.


On the way, we would also play games with license plates, seeking out the ones that had letters and trying to see if the letters made any sense.  Don’t forget punch buggy, when you would give your sister a tab on the shoulder (punch) when you saw a Volkswagon bug.


Night time drives, my sisters and I would put our heads back to look through the back window and look at the stars, sometimes counting them and sometimes finding the North Star or Milky Way.


These rides offered family time, education believe it or not when it came to the stars and Mom would talk about her experiences when she grew up and who worked on what farm and what their jobs were.

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